About me

I live in Wollongong, just south of the great city of Sydney, Australia, where I was born and grew up. Many times when driving home from Sydney where 2 of my daughters now live, the route is covered with fog through which the familiar road and landscape is barely visible. Depending on the density of the fog, different driving modes are needed, from slightly slowing down to crawling along with emergency lights blinking. However, the fog is part of life here and the futility of attempting to ‘bottle fog’ strikes a chord. We used this metaphor when spending 5 years trying to develop the Australian Standard for Knowledge Management. The unconventional Standard we eventually produced is an insightful guide but not a recipe for managing knowledge. This endeavour illustrates the dilemma that often faces us in complex situations when we have a worthwhile task to accomplish, but where it is futile to try and solve problems through a traditional structured process. These are the types of activities that interest me as a researcher whose career began long ago in Physics and has wandered through the fields of Computer Science, Information Systems, Human-Computer Interaction, Knowledge Management and Organizational Studies. During this journey I have raised 3 daughters, now with careers and children of their own. I have also been hooked with the travel bug and it was on one trip that I met my husband, born in Palestine which he left as a baby in 1948. As a proud Australian I am also hooked on sport. My blogs will wander among many of these topics and others as they grab my attention. I also tweet as @bottlingfog.

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