Our Responsibilities to Future Generations

Wollongong is promoting itself as an age-friendly town and is putting together a positive ageing plan for the next few years. Last Sunday, October 1, was the International Day of Older People and the council chose 8 older residents to profile on public panels for the day. They are on display somewhere in the town for the whole month of October. The topic of these was “things I’ve learnt”.  I was one of these, and found I had much in common with the other 7 whom I met at the launch.  I was interviewed by Darinka, who wrote the text on the poster (see below next to my panel)

I was born in 1945 and grew up in Sydney.
I studied physics. I was often the only woman in the department, I remember in a class of 500 I was the only female. My university adviser referred to me as the invisible woman as I was never noticed.  Physics taught me observe the real world, which has helped me with my current work.
I taught myself programming which I eventually taught. Technology has enabled women to do many of the things that only men once did. I’m 71 and have an interest in how older people can be supported through the use of technology to stay engaged. We make too many assumptions about who, how and why people use technology. 
I’m a ‘greenie’; we should look ahead, not just 10 years but 150 years. We have a responsibility to generations that come after us.


The last sentence above, was my answer to the question “how would you describe a successful life”? I often wonder when my grandchildren are my age, how will they  worry about the future of their grandchildren. So I see my life’s influence spanning about 150 years.

I was interviewed at the launch and that story is here.


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